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Dragon Magic Seminar

Avasta Draakonite võimu, ühendu nende iidsete olendite, energia ja tarkusega.
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Dragon Magic Seminar

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08. märts 2020 10:00 – 18:00
Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia

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Dragon Magic Seminar

08.03.2020 kell 10:00 Tallinnas

Draakonid on ühed kõige iidsemad olendid meie planeedil ning hoiavad enda käes sügavaid planeedi tarkusi. Avasta draakonite jõud ning nende igapäevane maagia, aidates kehal ja hingel maa peal saadud õppetunde paremini omastada. 


Dragons are the most ancient beings on our planet and in fact, are the Wisdom Keepers for our Planet. Their magick, which is for everyday life, helps both the body and soul to better assimilate the lessons learned on earth.

Discover the truth behind the dragons and their closely held secrets. In this class you will learn about their language, history and clans, the meanings of colour in dragonlore, how to connect with them safely while honoring their culture, and how to use this magick in your life. Most importantly, you will learn the tools, ceremonies, and rituals they use to live life fully and joyfully. As these teachings return to the planet, it will help us create the world of love and peace we are seeking! These beings and their ancient wisdom is real–their teachings are coming back to help us to create a better life for all.

Energiavahetus:  345€

Registreerimine, küsimused ning detailne info: retreats@soundsanctum.com 


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